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We’re Adding a new Shopping Cart to this web-site too!


Thank you for using our shop and visiting our web-site. For these first two years, we have only been able to process orders for products through other sites such as our Mainely Handcrafts ™ shop on

But now we have SUPER NEWS! We are now in the process of upgrading our own web-site here to let you use a Shopping Cart right here on

As we install the Cart system, you might find some products are able to added and others are not yet. For any products you find here that have not been upgraded to the new shopping cart, we ask for your patience. We hope to have them upgraded as soon as possible. You are still always invited to follow the links to our ETSY shop to place orders there too, of course.

But for all products that do have the upgrade to the new shopping cart now installed, please do feel free to order that way too.

We are very excited about this upgrade and we look forward to getting this entire web-site upgraded for you.

Thank you for your patience and your support.

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