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Off I go to create…

Here’s my thought for today. It’s the end of July and it feels like September already – BRRRRRRRRRR! SO…. Guess what I am making………………? Yup! You probably guessed it !! Warm items! LOL When I am chilly, I pick out a pattern for something that is used for being warm. Now, to pick a color. […]


Mothers make the sun shine on a cloudy day. When we get boo boo’s, mothers kiss the pain away. If we cry, they wipe away our tears. When we are scared, they take our fears away. Let’s make sure they know we love them everyday – but especially today !! ♥


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  Hi All! Yup, It’s February 14th once again and everyone is seeing red – literally! lol.  Even the ‘featured’ items in my etsy shop are all red today! To all the couples – today is the day to remember how much you love each other. To all the single folks you too […]

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